IHE-RO Connectathon 2018
Basic RT Profile
Head and Neck Plan (HN1 dataset)

Identify your dataset named BRTO18A11xx where xx is your company name (initials). Here are the specifications for the contouring and plan to be done on the head and neck test case, which is patient 11-18. As the target, use the portion of the mandible on the patient’s right, between Z=56 mm and Z= -9 mm. As the organ at risk, use the right parotid gland. Example contours from the test RT structure set are shown in the figure below. Skip the slices with severe dental artifacts if you want.

Contour the OAR between approximately the slices shown below, whose positions are 1.0 and 51.0 mm.

Place the isocenter on the slice at Z=16mm, shown below. Position the isocenter to enclose the target as well as possible with the fields specified in the table below.

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