TPPC Testing Guide

Fast and easy TPPC scoring with the IHE RO Judge

1. Follow the instructions! The instructions have table to specify items like, plan name/label, beams, energies, MLCs … almost everything. Please use the instructions.

2. Be ready to show the following information in your planning system. Some systems show it in the UI while others need a report to show. Know where the data is.

  a. Plan name/label
  b. Gantry angle start/stop
  c. Beam Energy
  d. Couch Angle
  e. Collimator angle
  f. Jaw settings
  g. MUs
  h. Wedge ID or Applicator
  i. Wedge 
  j. MLC shape review in BEV
  k. # of control points or segments
  l. segment/control point meterset 
  m. Patient Orientation
  n. Isocenter location
  o. Review structures against CT scan
  p. Dose display - have IDL templates saved and ready to load. We have specific IDLs that we look at to make testing fast.

3. Make sure you have the latest plans loaded for the correct vendor. Vendors should verify pretesting that the latest plans are loaded and ready to test. DICOM downloads on the fly during testing will suck up all our testing time.

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