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Christof Schadt Christof Schadt

I have created a couple of user groups and wanted to discuss if they are reasonable

Group Scope Description
admin Admin definition according to the Wiki also allows admin section
chair Any chair or co-chair of the TC or PC
evaluation The evaluation group for this Wiki
judge An member of the testing committee Allows the testing committee to have a “judge only” area
tc Any user part of the planning committee This way, the TC could have their own section, not public to e.g. Connectathon participants
user Any user that is newly registered the “basic” account
vendor Any user affiliated to a vendor Allows “vendor” discussion rooms during a Connectathon
<vendorname> Any user related to a specific vendor Allows vendor-related discussions during Connectathon

Any comments?



Hakan MacLeanHakan MacLean, 2012/09/18 14:43

Looks good! But I assume having both “vendor” and <vendorname> is a typo?

Christof SchadtChristof Schadt, 2012/10/04 10:34, 2012/11/03 14:23

No, actually not. “vendor” would be all the users from vendors. ”<vendorname>” would allow for e.g. a group “brainlab” or “raysearch”. This way access to certain areas could be restricted to specific vendors only. Don't know if this is required. But it would be possible :)

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